Which Drill Bits Can Be Scrapped?

iScrappers, What’s going on!?

A lot of people ask about drill bits and the different types of bits that are out there. The most common drill bit is a hard steel drill bit. Those are the ones that you will most likely have in your toolbox. But there are two other ones that you will want to look out for.

Carbide – Most commonly used in machine shops and other high tooling locations, this material is expensive to buy but very lucrative to scrap. You won’t find it too often during household cleanouts, as Carbide is unnecessary for consumer applications.

High-Speed Steel – Another type of very hard drill bit; these bits are generally 3-10 times more valuable than normal steel and can sometimes be resold to companies that can sharpen and resell the tools.

Hope this helps a little bit. Always be on the lookout for bits!

Scrap ya later!