Where Can You Recycle Your Aluminum Cans?

Aluminum cans may not be a hot commodity in the scrap metal industry. Still, they are just as essential to scrap and recycle with your local facility as any other type of metal. Cans are a common material for everyone to come across, whether you are a homeowner, scrapper, or contractor collecting them during your lunch breaks.

The Best Place To Recycle Aluminum Cans

Oftentimes, people ask where they can recycle aluminum cans for scrap metal rather than putting them out on the curb for the local recycling trucks. Some states offer to buy back programs for aluminum can recycling, but if you are gathering them in bulk, you could be making some more significant chunks of change at the scrap yard. When you search the iScrap App for your local scrap yards, you can find a yard to bring your aluminum cans for recycling. They will be able to provide you with the current scrap prices.

Find A Scrap Yard To Recycle Your Cans

What Is The Price for Aluminum Cans?

When you look for a place to bring your aluminum cans for recycling, you can call local recycling facilities and ask for their current price. As we mentioned earlier, some states have buyback programs for aluminum cans, which can also be a factor. Call your local scrap yard for current prices for aluminum cans and other metals you may recycle. Below, you can see that aluminum prices can be recycled and usually remain steady for the most part.

Is It Worth Spending Time Recycling Your Aluminum Cans for Cash?

Bringing your aluminum cans to the scrap yards in your area can seem like a waste of time, but when you start adding up the dollars for your aluminum can recycling, it could be worth the time. We often suggest you gather bulk aluminum cans before heading to the scrap yard to cash them in. We have listed some steps and tips when recycling your aluminum cans with your local scrap yards.

  • Better In Bulk – If you are gathering aluminum cans for recycling at your scrap yard, it is better to have a large quantity so you receive higher payments. If you collect some for weeks or months, ensure you have enough room and the proper storage to move them around when you recycle them quickly. Storing them in simple trash cans or even larger plastic bags, which you can quickly transfer, can be a good idea.
  • Crush & Clean Cans – If you are collecting quite a few and have room for them, getting a can crusher to save some room and collect more in your storage area could be a good idea. Check with your yard to see if they prefer crushed or “as-is” cans. It could also be a good idea to rinse them out when recycling cans. Depending on the scrap yard, some yards may give you a marked-down price if filled with liquids.
  • Know Weights – It takes approximately 30 or so aluminum cans to make one pound, so as you collect or crush them, it can be a wise idea to have a rough count of how many you have. This will allow you to estimate how much money you will make once you recycle them with your scrap yard. As you ask for current prices, you can see if it’s worth holding onto them a bit longer, knowing how many you have.

Once you have gathered your aluminum cans for scrap, use the iScrap App to find the closest scrap yard where you can buy aluminum cans. You can check their scrap pricing list or contact them if they don’t have the information you are looking for. Be sure to gather your aluminum cans and separate them from other materials you may be bringing to the scrap yard. After you’ve brought your cans to the recycling yard, be sure to report the price you received on the iScrap App for your location.

Value Of Recycling Aluminum Cans

The price of aluminum cans for scrap metal value is usually slightly higher than the regular aluminum scrap price. Remember, you will save enough energy to run a TV for three hours, and recycling aluminum cans will also benefit your wallet. You can recycle an aluminum can, and 60 days later, it can be reused and put back on the shelf.

Where Can You Find Aluminum Cans for Scrap?

  • Local Sports – If you are near football or baseball stadiums, the tailgating parking lots are a great place to start looking for cans. You can walk around the parking lots for hours leading up to the game to take cans away from the fans enjoying their pre-game traditions.
  • Your Events – Having a birthday party or hosting a holiday? Your family and friends will likely have soda, beer, and other beverages in aluminum cans that you can collect at the end of the evening for scrap metal.
  • Local Parks & Streets – As you walk around your neighborhood, it’s probably a familiar sight to see cans on the street or in the park. Bring a plastic bag around, pick them up, and bring them home to add to your bulk amount.