Where Are Scrap Prices After First Half of 2022?

The First Half of 2022 is Over! That means it’s time for our team to summarize where the markets have been and where we think they are heading for the second half of 2022.

Aluminum Scrap Prices in 2022

The darling of the first quarter has dropped down by over 35% this year overall. We have seen the same problems from trucking to demand changes really affecting these prices. We continue to recommend selling your aluminum but you may want to start sorting and separating your higher grades to increase your profits.

Brass Scrap Prices in 2022

Sell, sell, sell. Anything related to copper should be on your sell list right now. Unless you know how to really upgrade your brass to a bronze grade it will not be worth saving as the prices could continue to fall.

Copper Scrap Prices in 2022

After six months we have seen the markets really go down in a way that has not been seen since the beginning of Covid and even that you can’t count. With copper prices continuing to decrease we have seen the markets going down and with not a lot of optimism for inflation or recession area fears there’s a chance of the markets could continue to have a downward spiral. While looking at the market we continue to look at all of the outside economic factors and we still believe that selling all of your copper and brass is the smartest thing to do right now because the market could be having more of a crater. In the coming month.

Catalytic Converter Prices in 2022

These prices per cat are down about 30% year-to-date but we still believe that selling all cats is one of the smarter market moves. With Rhodium being used primarily in catalytic converters we have seen the price drop 60% below the all-time market prices that we saw last year. We do not expect any type of large price increases at this and by utilizing the 10 business-day price lock through RRCats.com you will always know what price you are going to get for your cats.

Steel Scrap Prices in 2022

For the rest of the year, we do not have any large prices as the steel markets will continue to be heavily influenced by the oil prices. Steel prices could continue to have a downward decline and we may not have seen the bottom yet. With fuel prices continuing to re-Kavic on all markets and trucking as well as processing when you pair that up with the summer you will not see a lot of positivity coming out of the iron markets for the rest of the year.

To Summarize 2022 So Far…

We are going to watch the energy markets and we will continue to update you on these. The markets are going through a period of resetting themselves that we have not seen in a long time and we have to be ready for a strong possibility of further declines.


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