What’s The Difference Between Zinc & Tin?


While looking similar…zinc and tin are two very different metals. Zinc is a metal used in many applications as an anti-rust method. You may have heard of zinc-plated wall studs…but the most common place to find zinc is in your pocket. Pennies are made up of mostly zinc with a small copper coating.

Tin is a higher-priced metal that is used in soldering for electronics and other types of applications. It is a very soft metal and is not generally found too often. It can also be used for soldering plumbing pipes together.

Where Can You Find Zinc?

Some common places or things zinc is used for are:

  • PC Boards
  • Computer Equipments
  • Locks for Doors
  • Inside Window Frames
  • Lighting Fixtures

Where Can You Find Tin?

  • Electronics
  • Applications
  • Tools