What’s Inside Cell Tower Wires?

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With so many cell phones all over the place, you have to wonder where the heck the signals come from, right? Well, that answer is thousands of cell phone towers across the US. With thousands of towers disguised as trees, billboards, or on the sides of water towers, you will see antennas everywhere now.

The wire that goes to those antennas is called Heliax wire and comes in several forms. One form is “Hollow Heliax,” which has a few layers. First, hollow copper at the core, then foam, then copper, and lastly, a layer of plastic insulation. This wire will be a similar price to your normal insulated wires.

The second most common cell phone wire is Solid Sore Heliax. This wire will have a solid aluminum inner core, and that will have a layer of copper on it, then foam, then plastic. This type of wire is very low in value and should be similar to a Steel BX wire.

Want to know what they look like and how they work? Just ask!

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