What’s Going On With Scrap Prices

We hear the question all of the time from people, “What’s going on with scrap prices?” We wish that they was an easy answer, but it isn’t. Scrap prices vary from month to month, day to day, even hour to hour. It is difficult to know what the market is going to be doing.

Some people that that having gas prices lower will cause the metals market to go up. While others think that the times of the year dictate where the scrap metal prices are going.

What's Going On With Scrap PricesThis used to be a much easier thing to figure out, but with the stock market, and world commodity markets becoming so much more complex, it is difficult to know what is going on anymore.

At the iScrap App we like to give our “Weekly What’s Up,” updates so you will be able to know where the market has gone from week to week, but sometimes you need to know sooner.

At the iScrap App we are working on a new design and feel that will allow users to have more input on local prices that they have received as well as prices that they have heard about. We think that this will become a great tool for so many iScrappers out there to know what is going on with local yards and national prices.

Our team is constantly working on new ideas, new methods, and great ways to get the scrap metal prices to our users, and we welcome ideas. Send any ideas to [email protected] and let us know what you think will be helpful.

Looking forward to talking to you soon about more scrap!


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