What Your Truck Says About You As A Scrapper

Upside down truck

We’ve talked at length about the bond between scrappers and their vehicles. Most of the time, we all seem inseparable from our vehicles, especially when those vehicles become our means of generating income,

Most of the scrappers we’ve seen and talked to, whether by chance or intentionally through the amount they scrap, end up with a pick-up truck at the end of the day. A pick-up truck can be an excellent investment for any scrapper as it offers many options and conveniences when transporting your scrap to a yard or even picking some up around your neighborhood.

Our Facebook Group and the scrappers in it have been a great source of inspiration for this blog, and as such, we think we should feature a few of them and show off the trucks they are driving. Along the way, we will throw in a few valuable tips for maximizing every square inch of your truck and some useful tools we’d recommend keeping in your bed or back seat.

Scrapper #1: The Big Time Scrapper

Our first scrapper, Matt B., is showing us quite a beastly rig. He’s filled his entire bed with various scrap items, but he’s also running a utility trailer to further his yield for this scrap run. While we have seen many people use this sort of setup when scrapping, it can be daunting to pull a full trailer, primarily if you’ve never used one. While most of the cargo weight should be placed toward the front of the trailer – ahead of the trailer axles – always distribute it evenly from side to side. We also recommend keeping a few tools on hand. In the event of an emergency repair, you won’t have to lug around a toolbox in your backseat.

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Scrapper #2: Just a Truck and Some Extras

Our next scrapper only needed their truck and did not need a trailer. However, they have made some critical DIY modifications to enhance further the amount of storage they have and the ability to safely secure and tie down all equipment so you can have peace of mind when flying down the freeway. While your safety as a scrapper is vital, you should also be mindful as you share the road with other drivers, and scrap items rolling around in the back of a truck can pose a real danger to other drivers if not secured safely.

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Scrapper #3: Grandpa’s Old Truck

Our next entry comes from Cameron C., who affectionately named his truck “Grandpa.” Scrappers, by nature, have always been inventive when it comes to stretching a dollar and making things last, and his truck is no exception. While a new truck is excellent, the one you already have will probably be the best one. He loves his Chevy with an 8 ft truck bed. Perfect for larger appliances (as shown) like refrigerators, dishwashers, lawnmowers, etc. With a load this big, it’s always helpful to have a hand truck or dolly in the bed with everything so that once you get to the scrap yard or your garage, you can quickly dismount those bulkier items without too much strain.

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Scrapper #4: This Scrapper Means Business

This scrapper has taken things up a notch and is using their truck as a primary means of income, running a scrap recycling pick-up business. This scrapper runs “Dylans Metal Recycling,” a family-operated scrap metal removal service out of Ohio. He uses this truck for everything from smaller loads that can fit in his truck bed to full trailer loads. As such, he is already familiar with some tools and extra pieces to carry around as a scrapper. He’s using a trailer tongue toolbox, spare tire, and ratchet straps, all of which spell out someone who’s done this for a while and knows what to expect on the road. A ramp for this trailer is also present but not shown very well. We’d highly recommend it as your lower back will thank you. It enables you to roll all your oversized scrap items right up onto the bed instead of fighting to lift a dryer 3 feet off the ground and into the back of the trailer.

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Using these and saving yourself from a back injury can mean all the difference when you are a sole business owner or contractor (as scrappers often are). When trying to grow your scrap business, you can’t afford to be out of the game for too long, so if you bite the bullet on this type of purchase now, your business will thank you in the long run.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope you enjoyed our spotlight on these scrappers. Scrappers like these are the lifeblood of the scrap metal industry. Without them, the yards and the buyers wouldn’t exist.

We always enjoy showing off all their terrific ideas and modifications to make jobs as scrappers easier. Keep an ear to the ground in our Facebook group for more opportunities to be featured like this in future iScrap blogs.

Scrap ya later!