What To Do With Old Computer Equipment

old computers for scrap

Ever find old computers and think…”Hmmm, this doesn’t look so old?” We have heard many stories about scrappers finding computers that still work but only need a new hard drive or a small connector to make the computer run again.

Computers may seem like complicated machines, but with newer technology, they have become very easy to use and replace/exchange parts. You may think they are too hard to work on, but you may be able to watch a few YouTube videos and figure out how to do it yourself when you find computer towers in the scrap. With just a few tutorials and some handy tools you can be on your way to fixing up the computer you originally thought was junk.

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If you don’t need it, why not sell it?

If you find them while scrapping, you also may be able to sell them for parts on eBay, and because you would have paid almost nothing (if you didn’t find them for free!), you could make a good profit by having a few pictures of them and labeling them correctly online.

If you really seem lost with computers and how much they are worth, you will want to contact a local computer shop that may work with you to buy parts or even take them on consignment until they sell them.

Hope this idea helps you out further while scrapping!