What Not To Do…While Scrapping

scrapping tips

While you are recycling your scrap metal with the local yards, you want to be sure you are following the right ways of doing things according to your yard and the local authorities. Many people associate crooks and thieves with the scrap industry, so this is your opportunity to rise above the critics and show why scrapping is an important job and occupied by respectable people.

Don’t Ever Do These Things While Scrapping

  • overloaded scrap truckOverload Your Truck – We’ve all seen the pictures (even we post some) of scrap trucks that are overloaded with material or appliances. Probably not the best decision when scrapping for a number of reasons; the heavy weight is not good for your car, the objects can fall off and injure others while in transit, objects can fall when you or scrap yard is unloading it, and you can get a ticket.
    • Scrapping is a very hands on job whether it is your full-time job or just part of your regular job. With large objects, sharp materials, and rusty nails, a pile of scrap can be dangerous trap for injuries and other safety failures. Taking the time to load trucks correctly and have the right safety equipment can be the difference between a good day’s work and a violation ticket from the local authorities. Here are good tips that can help while loading you truck.
    • Don’t Steal, EVER – The scrap industry is probably most well known for the amount of theft that is publicized throughout the news and media. However the majority of those that are scrapping are honest and reliable customers to scrap yards so be sure to continue the trend and karma will return the favor. Be sure to protect yourself and your own scrap load from hopeful thieves in your area.
      • Stealing metal can seem like a good idea for some quick cash but getting caught is a long process that will be on your record forever. Why not just take the time and ask people in your area if they have any junk to be picked up. You can earn more business and earn trust with the local community and make a better name for scrappers.
    • Trying to Cheat the Scrap Yard – Many people try to cheat the scrapping system like anything else. There are people that post things online that describe how you can go about cheating the scrap yards with weight, mixed loads, and other things. Don’t join the crowd and try to get a “one up” on the scrap yards in your area.
      • You work too hard and so do others to put a bad name out there for yourself or other scrappers. Why not learn the right ways and useful tips you can use to make more money from your scrap metal? By using honest methods and easier methods you can make more money without being sneaky with your scrap yards.
    Do yourself and the rest of the scrap industry a favor and don’t be a “knucklehead”. Think safety first, be honest with yourself, and your scrap yard. Doing things the right way, may not always be the easiest way, but they are the best way. Finding your local scrap yard on the iScrap App can help you make the most of you scrapping travels.

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