What Metals Are Inside Circuit Boards?

circuit boards

Circuit boards are tricky and not always the easiest to figure out, so let’s discuss them today. Circuit boards are found in all types of items, including computers, microwaves, laptops, and TVs, among many other things. There are many types of metals on and in circuit boards; we want to review a few today.

Common Metals Inside Circuit Boards

The most common metals in/on circuit boards are Gold, Aluminum, Copper, Silver, and Steel. These items might not always be easily seen, but at least one is always on a board to make it work correctly. Gold is one of the best conductors and, because of that, was traditionally used in all circuit boards. With technologies improving, there has been a significant change to the metals used in circuit boards, with aluminum and copper becoming two of the more commonly used metals used in circuit boards.

Other Elements of Circuit Boards

When you look at a circuit board, sometimes you can see the tiny gold pins, the aluminum heatsink, or the copper wires connected to the circuit boards, which makes the circuit boards run the equipment they are connected to.

Circuit boards are not easy to figure out, and we recommend asking your local scrap yard if they buy them and what their different values would be. Gold used to be the metal that everyone was chasing but with new technology like fiber-optic and copper coming out you always have to be aware of what your circuit boards are worth.