What Is The Best Time To Go To A Scrap Yard?

Things to avoid while scrapping

Timing Is Everything

Midweek visits can be a better time to go to the scrap yard

Choosing the best scrap yard based on prices, experience, and location are some of the most important factors when making the most money on your scrap.

Something else you may not have considered to make your scrap yard trip easier was the best time of the year, month, or week to bring your scrap metal in. Below are some suggestions to help you choose the best time to head to the scrap yard with your latest haul.

What Are The Best & Worst Time of Year?

Worst – Winter Months

Going to the scrap yard in the dead of winter is probably not your best bet for the best prices, and it will be harder to find scrap metal and work, too. The winter weather usually slows down the construction industry, thus slowing down the demand for steel and other commodities, so prices drop, and so does business.

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Best – Warmer Months

It is more beneficial to begin scrapping during the warmer months due to increased construction activity. It can be particularly beneficial to scrap as much as you can during the springtime because of the new projects or repairs that had to be held off during the winter. Look for gutters, roofing, and other jobs to help you collect some scrap.

What Are The Best & Worst Time of the Month?

It is challenging to pick the best time to scrap during the month based on what is happening at the scrap yard. It is good to remember that many leasers or renters move in or out at the beginning and end of the month. So, if you live in a busy residential area, it can pay off to ride around during the beginning and end of the month to pick-up things that people no longer want or need at their house, like TVs, shelves, bed frames, etc.

Best & Worst Time of the Week

During the week, there can be busy and empty days for scrap yards, just like some days for work. The most important thing is to know your scrap yard’s schedule and hours. You can find scrap yards on the iScrap App, along with their hours of operation. Knowing your scrap yard’s operation can help you determine the best and worst times, but this is an excellent place to start.

Worst – Weekends

The worst time to head to the scrap yard will usually be on Saturdays or the weekend if your scrap yard is open. Contractors, plumbers, electricians, homeowners, and others who have scrap are usually accessible on the weekends, so naturally, they will wait until then to bring their scrap in.

Best – Midweek

The best time to bring your scrap into the yard is usually midweek. Mondays are busy if people are scrapping over the weekend or need to drop a load off before heading to the first job of the week. Fridays can also be busy because people could use that day to collect all of their scrap metal to bring in. So Tuesdays- Thursdays are probably your best option to quickly get in and out of the scrap yard.

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Using the iScrap App To Find The Best Time To Sell

The iScrap App isn’t just a tool for locating scrap yards; it’s also invaluable for determining the optimal time to sell your materials. It contains comprehensive data on the following:

  • National averages: For hundreds of Metal Prices, check to see if your favorite metals are moving.
  • Weekly Trends and Reports: These are also posted to YouTube every week.
  • Yard Locations: Look up your area’s yards to see the reported prices. You can see reported prices by date to accurately determine if these prices are current.

The app empowers users to make informed decisions about when to cash in on their scrap. By regularly monitoring metal prices in the app’s Metal Prices section and staying up-to-date on market fluctuations, scrappers can pinpoint the best time to sell for maximum profit.

So, When are Scrap Prices the Highest?

Based on the above information, scrap prices will likely be the best for one distinct period. As always, this isn’t guaranteed, as many factors can influence scrap pricing. If we had to pick one time of year, it would be the weekdays in the summer months. There’s the most movement of metals around the country as plenty of residential and commercial projects are booming, but likely the least volume you’ll encounter while at the scrap yard, saving you time!

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