What Is Irony Aluminum Scrap?

Over the last few months on our iScrap App Facebook group, several scrappers have asked about current prices for irony aluminum in different areas around North America. Some scrappers mentioned that some scrap yards don’t know what irony aluminum scrap is, so. Therefore, it started a discussion about what it is and why you should ask your local scrap yard about it.

What is Irony Aluminum?

Irony Aluminum scrap is mixed materials that contain aluminum and iron. Generally, the rule of thumb is that at least 70% of the material is aluminum and no more than 30% of the material is iron. The extra percentage does not have to be iron but can be other materials like plastic or wood.

Irony Aluminum can also be called aluminum breakage, medium cast aluminum, and special sheet. If you aren’t sure what to call it, ask your scrap yard what they call it so you can get familiar with how they price and grade it.

Examples of Irony Aluminum Scrap:

  • Lawn Mowers
  • Chainsaws
  • Weed Wackers
  • Aluminum Engine Blocks
  • Lawn Furniture, Like Chairs
  • Various Auto Parts

How to clean irony aluminum?

Many tools, outdoor accessories, and car parts can be considered irony aluminum. We suggest with these items, if you have the time and it’s easy to remove steel and non-metallic items, you should do so. The more separation of the aluminum from other materials, the higher the scrap price it.

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