What is a DPF?

What is a DPFWhen you are scrapping auto parts you will often come across catalytic converters that can be worth a good chunk of change when you scrap them, but there are other parts that you may not know about. When we give tips on scrapping catalytic converters we always suggest to know what kind of year, make, and model so you know how to classify yours.

When you bring it to the scrap yard it will be much easier to price the catalytic converter but some makes and models are priced much differently based on the type of engine they are attached to. For example some foreign makes and models have a higher price than domestic models. Also aftermarket catalytic converters are price much lower than regular ones.

When it comes to diesel engines, the catalytic converters from those engines generally run lower in price compared to other models and types. On the exhaust system of a diesel engine there are also something called DPF’s that can be scrapped as well. A “DPF” or diesel particle (particulate) filter is part of the exhaust system on a diesel engine.

The DPF allows the signature “black smoke” of a diesel engine to be turned into the white exhaust which is then passed through the catalytic converter to break down the elements even more. So when’s it’s all said and done a proper exhaust system for a diesel engine will reduce the amount of pollution that is produced by the system. See the video below to give you a look at what a DPF looks like.

Generally speaking the DPF will:

  • Be similar in shape to a catalytic converter, sometimes it will be larger.
  • Come first in an exhaust system, before the catalytic converter.
  • Be worth less money than a catalytic converter in scrap value.
  • Look very similar to a catalytic converter but look inside to see the difference.