What Are Cast Iron Radiators?

Radiators: There are so many types and from so many places. Radiators are used not only to heat things up but also to help cool things down. The type of radiator that you are talking about will affect what type of material you have.


Cast Iron radiators are generally found in older homes and have hot water or gas heat them up to keep your homes warm during the winter. Have you ever tried removing one? It’s HEAVY! Most radiators from houses can weigh anywhere from 150-500 lbs each. Great for scrapping, but make sure you have a back brace and a friend or two to help you out!

Another type of radiator is one that you will find in a car or truck. This has engine coolant run through it and helps to keep your engine at a regulated temperature so it won’t overheat. Originally, these were made with Brass and copper, but in recent years, most have switched over to aluminum/plastic radiators due not only to the cheaper cost to build them but also the better performance from them.

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Idea to make more money with your rads? Cut the steel or plastic off of them to clean them up. You will ALWAYS make more money that way.

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Until next time, scrap ya later!