What Are Aluminum Turnings?

aluminum shavings

Ever wonder why aluminum turnings or other types of metal turnings are such a low price compared to aluminum solids or others? We have been asked this question many times in front of machine shop owners and other scrappers who come across these materials.

Let’s start with the solid piece of aluminum or metal that a machine shop will use to create whatever tool or items they are machining. That piece will go through a process of having either water or oil on it, and it will be cut or milled out to get the proper shape needed for the end product…but then you have the leftover turnings or shavings from the aluminum or other metal. There will be a residue on these turnings that is oil or water and must be accounted for when the scrap is bought.

This residue is the main reason the turnings are bought at a low price compared to the regular solids when you sell to the scrap yard. Many ask if the turnings can be cleaned, which is almost impossible. One of the most significant deductions and downgrading for turnings is the moisture left on them.

Scrap ya soon…scrap ya often!