Weekly What’s Update: Copper, Steel Stable & Aluminum Dropping

reported scrap prices onlineHey Scrappers!

We have been excited to see a lot of people starting to post the prices that they got paid at their local scrap yards through the iScrap App…and we hope that you start doing the same!

Copper & Steel Are Stable

With the Spring really rolling we have seen that copper increase over the last week or two not only go up more, but it has stabilized. You should definitely see a change of pricing on many of your copper and brass items and don’t forget to post those changing prices online!

The steel prices have also been climbing with the markets up at least $5-10 per ton. Hopefully by the time that June rolls around we will see one more increase and then those prices will stabilize for the summer.

Aluminum On The Fall

The one market that has really taken a beating has been the aluminum market. Over the last few weeks we have seen the prices drop a lot with multiple problems going on. With the markets in the midwest having a big problem taking in material that is one of the primary reasons that we have seen such a drastic decrease in aluminum pricing.

As for the other markets, not much change in gold prices, which means that electronics have only gone up slightly because of increasing copper prices.

Hope this helps with your scrapping, don’t forget to post your prices online today!

Scrap ya later,


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Prices as of 5/13/15

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