Weekly Scrap Price Update: Copper Climbs, Then Falls

dropping scrap metal pricesHey Scrappers!

Hope you have been checking out all of the reported prices that your fellow scrappers have been putting up online, knowing what is going on with the scrap metal prices is half the battle!

In the last week we really been working on trying to get a firm grasp of what is going on with the market and what to expect, but wow what a wacky week.

Early this week we had a big jump in copper prices but on Tuesday the market immediately fell back down (a little lower actually) then it started at on Monday. It was partly because of the Chinese government devaluing their own currency, which shows one of the reasons that the levels of scrap prices might be remaining here for a while.

Aluminum continues to be heavily affected by a downwards market this year and it has been tough to try to find the “silver lining” (no pun intended) for where prices will be going coming up soon.

Steel and iron prices remain relatively unaffected over the last week. The last price drop was about 10-14 days ago and seems to be what to expect going forward in the next few scrap months.

Gold prices are pushing to pop back over 00 per ounce, and recently has risen about 2% overall.

Hope you are getting your material out the door quick and enjoying the summer time. Don’t forget to post the scrap metal prices that you have been receiving from your scrap yards and check out what other scrap yards have been paying online as well.

Scrap ya later!

Prices as of 8/12/15

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