Using X-Rays for Scrapping Tips

So recently we came across a great deal of weird things that have been discovered through x-rays. Many of which can easily be scrapped or help you scrap once they have been removed from their x-ray owner. Please do not attempt any of this at home.

If you ever have someone that has a pair of spare keys lying around, be sure to check if you can take them and put them in your Brass pile. Every little bit counts!


If you happen to be getting a divorce, you can always scrap that gold, silver, or platinum ring you have with your local scrap yard. You may just want to clean it up before hand and remove the diamond too.


Remember that most scrap yards that accept cell phones will require you to remove the battery. And remove the cell phone from your backside before scrapping too.

cell phone

If you are an avid hunter or marksman, be sure to check with your scrap yard to see if they accept brass bullet shells. Usually the primer will have to be removed from them.


After all it is always important to have your magnets on hand to make sure you can tell the difference between a piece of steel and stainless steel.


These x-ray pictures are here for entertainment purposes only. Please do not attempt to place objects in your body or remove them.

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