Types Of Scrappers

There are plenty of types of people out there that make up the scrapping community. Throughout the years we have had the pleasure to meet and connect with various types of scrap metal recyclers and those that call themselves “scrappers”. So we have compiled a list below of the types of scrappers to have some fun with the types that may be out there.

Feel free to share you own type of scrapper with us below or share this post with your friends and let them know what kind of scrapper you are. While these types of scrappers are only for fun, we do not suggest ever overloading your vehicle with scrap, stealing scrap metal from others without permission, or doing anything else that may be considered illegal. These descriptions are purely here for entertainment and conversation. Check the iScrap App for your local scrap yards and scrap prices.

Types of Scrappers

Usually homeowners and newbies, Blue Moon Scrappers don’t know anything about scrap metal recycling and only do it once in a blue moon. You hand them a magnet and they stick in on the fridge. Don’t worry your scrap metal knowledge can only get better from here.
Know It All Scrappers are usually the type of people that think they know the answer to everything about scrap metal. While they may have some knowledge and know the basics, they often try to “outsmart” the scrap yards or try to get a better price for material they claim is “rare”.
Yapper Scrappers are usually people that don’t stop talking about scrap, EVER. They eat, sleep, and breathe scrapping and want the whole world to know. They are posting pictures on social media, constantly chatting on scrap metal forums, or creating the latest scrap metal hashtag.
Hustling Scrappers are usually the ones that don’t have time to talk about scrapping, because they’re too busy doing it. Looking for the best pick, calling up the latest Lead, and checking the free sections in their local newspapers’. These scrappers are constantly looking for the next score.
These Every Day Scrappers are the ones that constantly have an influx of scrap metal coming their way. Usually contractors in the business of electric, plumbing, HVAC, construction, or other trade industries, these scrappers always have a load ready to drop off.
Overhauling Scrappers are the ones that we all see on the road and cringe. They have such a heavy or overpacked load of scrap metal on their truck or car that they pose a threat. Usually trying to out haul their last load, they will go to extremes to bring all their scrap metal in one trip.

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Not A Type Of Scrapper

Thieves or those that take material from a home, place of business, or public property without full permission of the owner is NOT A SCRAPPER. While these types of people in the industry paint a poor picture for true scrappers, most scrappers and scrap yards will report any suspicious activity pertaining to scrap metal theft.