Two Years Later: Costa Concordia Heads to Scrap Yard

costa concordia scrapLocated in Giglio, the Costa Concordia will makes it’s final voyage to a scrap yard in the upcoming weeks. Over 2 years ago the cruise ship crashed into the Italian coast and saw a loss of 32 lives and dozens of injuries from the off-coast wreckage. Originally the ship was turned on it’s side when it began to be worked on, but as the crews began to accumulate around the ship, they slowly turned it on it’s right side last year.

When it was turned on the right side last year, the crews had constructed a special platform with steel and cement. To begin the removal of the ship to travel to the scrap yard, the crews will be pumping air into the compartments underneath the ship and begin to bring bottom 4 decks afloat for the first time since the wreck occurred in January 2012. The first hours of the voyage of the wreckage will be most critical to ensure that the ship will remain intact while transporting to the port of Genoa which is about 200 nautical miles away.

The community of Giglio will be relieved to see the wreckage finally removed from their coastline and have the tragic story finally come to a close. The 940-ft. ship will be transported to the port of Genoa to be taken apart for scrap where it was constructed in 2005.

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