Top Products For Our Favorite Season: Grilling

Most of the time we like to talk about different items that we are able to scrap and sell and make some extra money on, but today we wanted to talk about some of the items that we like to use going into the summer months.

Grills – Summer’s Best Friend

We are a big fan of different types of grills and we like to have two inside of our arsenal of summer tools. One is for home use and one is for use on the road while working, scrapping tailgating, or camping.

Portable Grills

This Weber- 14 inch portable grill that uses charcoal is one of our favorites because it’s easy to use, small, fits in the back of our pick up truck, and will cool down quickly enough while we are continuing to work on job sites and heats up quick to be able to make lunch or dinner. While cleaning up charcoal is not always the best or most fun job in the world, most of the jobs that we are working on give us the ability to get rid of the ashes and debris pretty quickly. 

Not to mention the price point is very reasonable and if for some reason it gets broken, bent, or damaged we are able to scrap it and get another one relatively quickly.

Grill on The Go!

Home Use

This Weber Grill is compact, easy to use, and comes in different colors to match what mood you might be in while grilling. It has a couple of very strong burners and in the backyard or next to the garage while working and separating material can be very handy. We like using gas grills wallet home due to a smaller amount of cleanup and having an extra propane tank is always a smart idea.

Many people like to find grills in scrap and use them at their house but once in a while it’s nice to get something that’s new and you can enjoy for many years with family and friends. 

Staying At Home?


Grill Tools 

While many of the blogs and posts that we talk about our related to tools like drills, sawzalls or handheld devices – this one is about tools that you can use on the grill and take with you on the go to keep the party going! This Grilling Tool Set can be essential very quickly! Having grills to be able to cook with his great but you need to make sure that you clean them and these tools have proven very useful over the last few summers.

Essential Grilling Tools!

Grill Cover

For the outdoor grill, it’s always nice having a cover on top of the unit that you spend so much time and money in. It’s always worth spending a few dollars to get the cover that should fit properly this way you know that everything will be good to go moving forward. For the specific role that we like using the Weber Grill cover has been a no brainer.

Keep A Grill Cover On It


We all know once it starts to get hot or if you work in an area that is hot year-round it’s always refreshing to have cold water or other beverage of choice. We like this Coleman Cooler because of the multi-faceted use that we can use it for. We can use it to put our drinks in with four convenient holes on top, and we have even used it for food prep but put in some aluminum foil on top of it while using our grill.

On top of those ways that we use it, it’s nice having a handle and a couple of wheels especially when it’s full of drinks, ice and other food to be able to move it relatively easily. Not to mention you can’t beat the price especially if you were taking it on to job sites or even using it in your backyard with family and friends or in your garage while scrapping and preparing the material.

Stay Cool!


Not everyone likes to use hats and if you were on job sites that require you to wear a hardhat and you don’t have much of a choice, but we have always been a fan of wearing hats especially when it’s hot and sunny outside. This hat made by Under Armor has proven to be durable, long-lasting, and has kept the heat out of our faces as best as possible over the years.

Keep Yourself Shaded While Grilling


While we have talked to many guys that have a machismo attitude of not using sunscreen we have talked to many others that love using it all of the time. When you were working outside in the extreme heat and sun it’s always good to protect your skin for long-term health reasons as well as short-term to make sure that you are not getting sunburnt and affecting your work.

We like using this Coppertone 50 SPF sunscreen because of the spray bottle and not always having to ask a buddy awkwardly to put some lotion on your back. The spray has been easy to use and a bottle can last for multiple days if you are not overly exposed to the sun. 

Don’t Burn Yourself or the Burgers!


These are just some of the items that we recommend using during the summer while working outside and scrapping and even working at home cleaning up material. We think that the long-term benefits are definitely worth the time and investment.

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