Tom’s Top Picks: Best Tools for Scrapping

If you want to start scrapping metal for extra money or even a full-time job, we have some important tools and accessories you should consider getting before you begin.

Tom, the founder of iScrap App, is a scrap yard owner and has been in the business for years. We sat down with him to chat about some of his favorite and most important tools to have on hand when scrapping.

Tom’s Top Scrapper Tools & Accessories

Let’s be honest: other than finding scrap, is there anything that excites you more than buying (or finding) tools to use on your scrap?!?! I cannot believe that the answer is anything, but hell yea! 

Buying tools is more addicting than new technology or anything else, especially when they help you make money and make your life easier. From Hammer Drills to Cutting Pliers, there are so many things you can buy and use that it is almost too easy.

Tops Tools For Scrap Metal Recycling