Titanium Scrap Hunting: Where to Find & How to Profit

If you’re a seasoned scrapper, you’re familiar with common materials like aluminum and copper. Titanium is one metal that often flies under the radar but can be quite profitable. This lightweight, strong, heat-resistant metal can likely be added to your haul when looking for scrap. Here’s an in-depth look at where to find titanium scrap, its various uses, and tips on maximizing profits.

Common Places to Find Titanium Scrap

  • Machine Shops: These are among the most reliable places to find titanium scrap. These facilities often work with sheets, rods, and turnings, generating scrap metal as a byproduct of their manufacturing processes.
  • Aerospace Industry:
  • Medical Industry:
  • Bicycle Industry:

Identifying Titanium Scrap

Challenges in Scrapping Titanium

One of the primary challenges in scrapping titanium is that your local scrap yards may be hesitant to accept it. This hesitation stems from the difficulty in selling titanium scrap to mills, as scrap yards often do not meet the quantities required for mill processing. Consequently, they might not bid aggressively on titanium scrap.

Tips to Maximize Your Profits

  • Understand the Market: Titanium is generally more valuable than aluminum and stainless steel. However, its rarity and the fact that yards may not buy it mean you must stay informed about market trends.
  • Build Relationships: Since titanium scrap is not commonly found, building solid relationships with suppliers in industries like aerospace and medical can provide a consistent and reliable source of titanium scrap. You can also build relationships with yard owners to keep an ear to the ground regarding scrap titanium prices and see if these same yards are interested in any of it that you find.
  • Shop Around: Not all scrap yards will accept titanium, and those that do may offer varying prices. It’s worth shopping around to find the best price for your scrap. Some specialized metal recyclers might also offer better rates than general scrap yards. Using the iScrap App, you can discover yards providing better rates than others.