There’s A Magnetic Stainless Steel?

Hey, iScrappers! Last week, we discussed cast aluminum and touched on two other metals; today, we will review another odd metal, magnetic stainless steel. Now, many of you are going to ask, hey, what’s magnetic stainless? Don’t you mean steel?

There is such a thing called magnetic stainless steel, and one of the common grades of it is 410 Stainless Steel. This alloy is made to resist heat and, more importantly…rust. While there is a lot of iron inside of non-magnetic stainless steel, another alloy, nickel, makes it much more resistant to the elements and rust included.

When you have one or two stainless grills or other stainless pieces that have the magnet stuck hard onto them, we generally will tell you to put them into your light iron pile…but when you find a lot of them, we recommend putting them aside and asking your scrap yard if they buy magnetic stainless differently, often they will.

It won’t be much more than a Light Iron price, but every bit helps.

Happy trails iScrappers!