The Ultimate Scrapper’s Holiday Wish List

Finding referrals or ideas on tools is not always the easiest thing. It is sometimes so hard to find a scrapper a great holiday gift so we wanted to help put our Top 10 gifts into one spot (Most of these can be used year round though!) in order to help you find out about tools you may not have known about. If you are shopping for a scrap metal recycler or scrapper this is a perfect gift list to take a look at this holiday season. Also, these items are great for any laborer working with equipment and tools regularly.

Alarm Clock

The Early Scrapper Gets The Scrap

One of the toughest things to do is to get up in the morning and we have found that with the early mornings for scrapping any help we can get is welcome. We found out about the Mesqool Alarm Clock and have told dozens of people about it. With a simple large screen, a projector to put the time on the ceiling, AND the ability to plug our phones in through USB ports- we have no excuse to not hear the alarm anymore.


Extension Cords

Perfect For Workbenches

We always ask for extensions right? Longer time to pay rent, longer days to get scrap, longer times for scrap yards to hold prices before they drop. We found out about a retractable extension cord that we can bolt onto the wall of the garage or shop and have up to 40 feet of room to play with when we need to take things apart. The Ironton Cord Reel is easy to use and has three outlets on the end to plug our tools into when we need to get hooked up. This now has a permanent home in our tool lists.



A Staple Accessory For Scrappers

Well, we certainly would not use that phrase in a day-to-day world, but here it makes sense. WD-40 is made from fish oil, and has been one of the best tools in scrappers, landscapers, mechanics, home-owners, and anyone who uses tools lives for many years.

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Spring-Loaded Shovel

Perfect For Cleaning Off Scrap

This snow shovel (for the the scrappers that have snow during the winter) is an awesome, cheap, useful, and easy to compact as well. The Snow Joe shovel has been on repeat for us to buy when we use one out (or end up using it to inevitably shovel scrap). With a price tag under $30 (sometimes even less), we see no reason to go and get another one to use.


Air In A Can

Yes, We Can’t Believe It’s A Thing Either!

We have mentioned compressed air in a can in other blogs, but we figured that it is worth talking about again. We know that there are multiple brands, but we have been using the Dust-Off cans for years because of the strong quality. We have used this to clean out tools, get scraps (pun intended) out of the way, and to get the dust off of screens and the best piece of advice that we have- do not throw out the cans when you think they are done, let them warm up and try using them again.


ID Reels

Not For Your ID, But Instead Your Magnet

These are not something that we have seen used that often, but we think it is worth noting and talking about. We have been using these metal reel chains with magnets attached to them for years and we have had no excuse not to have a magnet on us wherever we are.


Rubber Gloves

Dealing With Oil? These Are Perfect!

Well, we certainly do not claim to be doctors, but if you are going to do surgery on an air conditioner or pull some copper apart these Duraskin gloves will help. While scrappers hands never will be featured in a magazine for the nicest manicures or as hand models, keeping a box of these gloves with you will be a lifesaver. Being able to use them to keep the grease and oil off will make a huge difference and as an added bonus you can use a pair of them for cutting up jalapeños at dinner time.


Caution Tape

Perfect for Work Areas & Large Truck Loads

Sometimes you may be working on a project and you forgot or do not use those big orange cones to let people know you are working. We started using these bundles of caution tape, and while you may have to throw them away when you are done, it is convenient to bring with you to put up as warnings. 


Permanent Markers

Great For Weights & Materials

Buying markers buy the dozen may sound excessive, that is until you realize that you leave them and run over them more times than not. Or you are putting them in all different places so you can just reach for them when you need them immediately. Having these black markers (sometimes we use different colors) all over the place has been awesome for writing weights, knowing what is inside of boxes, or for just leaving notes behind.


Lil Larry – Flashlight & Magnet Combo

The Ultimate Flashlight for Scrappers

It’s such a fun name to say that we figured to just lead with it. These LED flashlight and built-in magnet has been a lifesaver for us the last few years while scrapping and we do not leave home without it. We tend to stick with the plain and boring silver and black colors, but they do have colors and designs like pink or of the American Flag. Being able to use the magnet on the end makes it easy to hang off of something and then use the extremely bright LED flashlight to illuminate whatever area that we are working on.


Have other ideas or gifts that you have given or received that could help out with scrapping? Please email us at [email protected] and let us know. We would love to share your ideas with thousands of other scrappers.

Other Accessory Ideas: