The iScrap App Adds Reported Scrap Prices Online


The time has come for the iScrap App Team to announce what we have been working on here at our headquarters. Since we launched in 2011, we’ve been working hard to bring the most relevant and important information to scrappers across the US & Canada. It is our goal and mission to connect scrap yards and their customers on a more current form of communication through our app and through our website.

What’s New? – Report Scrap Metal Prices

Now available on the mobile and desktop website only (Android & iPhone App coming soon), scrappers will be able to report scrap prices in and around their area when visiting the scrap yards near them. Choosing one of the social media channels to log in, users will be able to post prices for any materials listed with the Premium scrap yard or Basic Yard that they visit. Users can choose what kind of metal (or metals) they just sold to the scrap yard and the price they received based on market value.

At the iScrap App we have always considered the scrap metal industry unique and having community-like atmosphere around it. With the thousands of blogs posts, forum topics discussed, comments posted, scrap yards added, and app downloads, we have implemented a new feature to add to that community for the iScrap App users, reported scrap prices.

iScrap App Reported Scrap PricesReported Scrap Prices…Tell Me More

Scrappers can also review and check Reported Prices around their area from other fellow users. There will be a date stamp and the price reporter’s name associated with it, so users will be able to see how relevant the price is for that day. There will also be a flag option if the price that has recently been reported seems to be a mistaken amount or the system is being abused with incorrect information.

This new feature will allow all daily visitors to the iScrap App Website to interact and contribute to the scrapping community. It will provide information to those that are looking to get the best price for their scrap metal in their area. Premium iScrap App Scrap Yard Members will still have the option to post their own prices on their iScrap App Profile and should always be taken as the primary source of information when looking for current scrap prices.


What Else Is New? – Auto-Location for Yards in Area

Besides the new Reported Prices feature, there are some new changes to the iScrap App Website, including a brand new homepage design and interface. With our users in mind, the iScrap App Team wanted to create something that would be easy to navigate and simple to use. With the new designs, we feel that it is easier and quicker for users to get the information they need, whether it be reported prices, contact information, location directions, company information, or hours of operation.

New iScrap App Homepage

Along with the new redesign Premium Scrap Yard Members, will be able to upload new photos and videos showing off their facility and what their business looks like. This will allow iScrap App users to connect more visually with the scrap yards in their area. Also Premium Scrap Yards will be able to add more information about their company history or their company logo. The iScrap App Team feels that this will help bridge the communication and interaction gap between scrappers and the scrap yards.

Report Your Price Button

The iScrap App Team is moving forward by allowing our users to share and research their local scrap prices with other users. This free feature is now live on the iScrap App website and mobile site, will allow those in the industry to have a voice and contribute to the scrapping community even better than before.