The Difference Between Gross Ton & Net Ton

What is the difference between a gross ton and a net ton?

It’s a common question not just in scrap but in the world. With so many different types of measurements based on the location in the world, the industry, and the type of material, it’s hard to keep track.

Lucky for you, as the leader in the scrap metal industry, the iScrap App team has you covered in answering this common question when it comes to scrap metal weights. 

What is a gross ton?

A Gross Ton = 2,240 pounds.

What is a net ton?

A Net Ton = 2,000 pounds.

What Weights Are Used in Scrap?

Generally, the symbol “GT,” which means Gross Ton, is used in the scrap world. The gross ton is the standard for steel and commodity weights for pricing.

An easy example to help figure out your pricing per ton or pound would be doing some simple math. Here is an example:

If a yard pays you $0.05 per pound for 2,000 pounds (Net Ton) = $100.

But $0.05 per lb for 2,240 pounds (Gross Ton) = $112.00.

Knowing how the scrap yards phrase their weights and their prices means a lot when it comes down to the tickets. Ask your scrap yard what they pay for so you know before you go.