The #1 Tool & Most Important Tool for Scrappers

The #1 Tool For Scrappers

A Magnet

No matter your experience or background as a scrapper, I think we can all agree that a magnet is simply one of, if not the most, essential and effective tool for scrapping metal (not to mention they’re very affordable). They’re so important, it’s worth having multiple of them: one to keep in the car, one to keep at home, and some to have wherever you conduct your scrapping business.

Especially when looking for scrap, whether it be while driving around on a town-wide bulk trash day, at yard sales, or coming across random scrap on a drive home, having a magnet on you as a scrapper is crucial. How else would you tell the difference between non-ferrous and ferrous material?! Having a magnet handy can tell you right away whether something is ferrous, and thus, not worth as much money as your non-ferrous metals are.

Scrappers call this The Metal Test: distinguishing between ferrous and non-ferrous. If the magnet sticks, it’s ferrous, and if it doesn’t, you have yourself a non-ferrous material (yes!!). BUT, be warned, because metals that are not attracted to the magnet can still contain iron, nickel, cobalt, or a combination. An example of this is 304 stainless steel; it contains both iron and nickel, yet does not stick to a magnet. Therefore, a magnet is a great tool to have to get quick answers, but following up at your local yard will always confirm what metal you really have. 

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Keychain Magnets

The easiest way to ensure you’re always ready to scrap is having a keychain magnet. The majority of times you’re leaving the house to scrap, you’ll be in your car, so having it on your keys is ideal. 

Functional Magnets 

These magnets are perfect to leave in the glove box of your car, in a toolbox, or in a drawer at home. Extendable magnets also work well for hard-to-reach areas. For those inconvenient pieces of scrap, magnets on an extendable pole can tell you right away whether a metal is worth the time or effort to grab.

Heavy Duty Magnets

For all you scrappers who prefer a heavy-duty magnet, here you go. Below we’re actually showing fishing magnets, but they work just as well (sort of like a two for one magnet). These types of magnets are able to pull hundreds of pounds. It doesn’t get more heavy duty than that.


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