How Do You Strip Copper Wire For Scrap?

Where to find scrap copperAre you looking to make more money from your copper scrap wire and cables? The iScrap App team has you covered. While scrapping various electronics and accessories, copper wire is an easy way to make some extra money by stripping it for the bare bright copper wire. There are several different widths and lengths of copper wires and cables and there are a few things to keep in mind before you spend your time stripping for the copper.

How To Know What To Strip

We generally suggest stripping wires that are thicker than you pinky finger, usually anything skinnier than that won’t yield as much copper. But if you want to go ahead and strip all of your wires, no matter what the thickness, go right ahead.

How Much Time Will It Take?

We also suggest that you do a quick calculation of your time spent on stripping. If the time you spend stripping your copper wire is worth the extra $1.50 (approx.) you will get per pound than it is worth. However when stripping insulation from the copper wire, remember you will be taking away a great deal of weight from your overall weight. Just some extra things to keep in mind.

Look For Different Kinds of Wires

Also remember to check the wires when you are preparing to strip them, there are aluminum and tin-coated copper wires out there too. They may not be worth your time if you are looking to just strip the bare bright copper wire. Another note is that we suggest you begin stripping copper wire once you have over 50 pounds. If you are planning on hoarding it over a period of time, that is fine to strip as you collect. It can save time in the end before you bring your load to the scrap yard.

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Steps for Stripping Copper Wire

  1. Sort all of your copper wires, also make sure to separate your aluminum and tin-coated copper wires. Aluminum is silver all the way through and tin-coated copper is silver on the outside but reddish, copper color on the inside.
  2. Determine how you are going to strip your copper wire, whether you use a box cutter, razor blade, x acto knife, handheld stripper, table top stripper, or electronic stripper.
  3. Once you have determine how you are going to strip your copper wire, be sure to get the right safety equipment, especially gloves and eyewear. Also be sure to set up your work space. A bucket or box for both your copper and the garbage (stripped insulation) is a good idea so it is less messy.
  4. Begin stripping your copper wire, if you are using a hand held tool, be sure to always cut away from yourself to prevent a hand injury or accident. If you are using a power-operated stripper it is always a good idea to have a bucket at the end of the table to quickly separate the copper.
  5. Once you have successfully separate and stripped your copper wire, just be sure to look it over again to make sure you didn’t mix any aluminum or tin-coat in there because the scrap yard will downgrade your load.
  6. Collect the insulation leftovers and dispose of them properly in the garbage and bring the copper to your yard. Cash in and enjoy the benefits!

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