Should You Drive Far for Better Scrap Prices?

Looking To Find Better Scrap Prices?

You may have had the thought come to your mind that you should drive for better scrap prices in your area. But, before you do that…is it worth it?

Worth It To Drive For Better Scrap Prices?

Over the years, we have talked to many different scrappers and asked them if they are willing to travel to sell their scrap metal for better prices. Generally, the answer has varied depending on where they lived in the country, but most of the time, the answer is “Yes.”

Some people who live in remote areas such as Alaska or Hawaii have difficulty finding scrap yards that provide some of the prices reported through the iScrap App or even close to National Averages. One reason is that the trucking costs to get things from far away and desolate places outweigh some of the other costs.

Yes, But How Far?

We asked how far they are willing to travel or how much extra money they are willing to travel for before making the trek with their materials. Most scrappers have the goal to make at least an average of $75 extra when they travel for better scrap prices. Also, the consensus is that the extra time should be no more than 2 hours.

Goal: Make $75 More & Travel Less Than 2 Hours

Because they are looking to make that much extra money, they generally will be selling non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, or aluminum. Otherwise, they would have the capacity to haul a lot of steel like a trailer or box truck to make it worth the while.

Other Options? Mailing Scrap Metal…

Some scrap yards and companies, depending on the material, accept mailed material and will pay once it’s received. We have talked to some scrappers that have mailed things out in the past after researching companies and calling/emailing the scrap yards ahead of time to confirm that they will accept the material. That is an excellent idea as long as you research the company through Google reviews and directly reaching out to the scrap yards.

Mailing Catalytic Converters is Popular

If you are looking to sell catalytic converters, you can try going through, and you will be able to sell your converters after requesting your price quote. Many scrap yards don’t pay fair prices on catalytic converters, so this is a great way to earn more money than you would by selling it to the local scrap yard. Give them a try and tell them that the iScrap App sent you!

Many other scrap companies will buy your material (like e-scrap) through the mail, but before you do, we always recommend reading their online reviews before you commit to selling. You can also think about doing an experiment and have a trial period by sending/selling smaller amounts before moving into full shipping mode.

Third-Parties Will Pick Up your Scrap

We have talked to some people who sell larger amounts of scrap metal such as Carbide or multiple catalytic converters and use third-party carriers or have them arranged through their buyer to move their catalytic converters. We have also talked to different scrappers that have sold larger amounts of copper and had it picked up in large boxes or barrels through third-party companies.

Steps for Shipping Scrap Through A Third Party:

    1. Document your box before wrapping it up.
    2. Weigh your material on a scale (and take a picture of it).
    3. Shrinkwrap and use bands to tie up your boxes very tightly.
    4. Documents. Documents. Documents. Do not let your material leave without confirmation paperwork.

How much money makes it worth it to travel?

As we mentioned earlier, when we talk to many people, they needed to make at least $75 extra to warrant a longer drive. Some people will work for an extra $25-$30 but will schedule dropping off their scrap with another errand or work that they have in that area. These things will depend on what your demands verse requirements are when selling your scrap metal.

We have often found that people save up their nonferrous and contact a scrap yard that might be a little further away to make a few extra dollars.

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