Have Used Spark Plugs? Scrap Them For Profit!

Believe it or not, you can recycle spark plugs for profit when you find a scrap yard that takes them for recycling. Spark plugs aren’t accepted for sale for money at every scrap yard, so it’s essential to find the right location.

Why are spark plugs worth money in scrap? Inside spark plugs is a center core containing copper, nickel, and sometimes platinum or iridium. These precious metals can be recycled when spark plugs are no longer used.

Where do spark plugs come from? Every vehicle has 4 spark plugs on average, but the number can depend on the number of cylinders in the engine. For example, a 6-cylinder engine will have 6 spark plugs.

I’ve replaced my spark plugs; what can I do with the old ones? If you are a mechanic or work on your car independently, you may have to replace spark plugs every 30,000-90,000 miles. After the work is complete, you’ll be left with the old ones that can be recycled.

Where can I sell used spark plugs?

In the past, spark plugs were thrown away or tossed in with other scrap metal. However, there are outlets for selling used spark plugs for a profit, such as scrap yards. RRCats is a nationwide buyer of spark plugs and offers free shipping.

RRCats.com Makes Selling Spark Plugs Easy

With an easy quoting system and even shipping buckets available to send your spark plugs in the mail, RRCats makes it easy to sell your spark plugs.

Can spark plugs be recycled?

Yes, spark plugs can be recycled. Several metals are inside spark plugs, including copper, nickel, platinum, and iridium. Because scrap recycling typically costs more for these metals, collecting spark plugs to recycle and scrap can help you make some money if you are commonly switching out spark plugs.

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Who buys used scrap spark plugs?

It’s not common for every scrap yard to buy spark plugs, but some specialty ones do. It’s essential to call to see if it’s something that your scrap yard accepts. They may not have a special price for spark plugs, but instead, they tell you to mix them with your CBMs (copper-bearing materials).

Instead, you can use our sister company, RRCats.com, to sell scrap spark plugs. With a special price just for spark plugs, RRCats is a nationwide buyer and even offers free shipping for specific minimum weights. Check current scrap prices for spark plugs with RRCats.

How many spark plugs make a pound?

About 10 spark plugs make up one pound, so saving up your spark plugs is important if you’re considering selling them for scrap. RRCats has free shipping with a minimum weight requirement, so save up your spark plugs before selling them for scrap.

Ready To Sell Your Used Spark Plugs?

Do you have more questions about recycling your spark plugs? The RRCats Team is here to help. Their website has prices, free shipping options, and more.

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