Benefits of Scrapping on the Weekend

Are you a weekend warrior? If you are a scrapper you should be! Scrapping on the weekends may seem like it isn’t a good idea because the yards are closed, but it is a great time for you to really focus your efforts on making more money.

Scrapping Weekend Warrior

Below are some important things to keep in mind that you can do on the weekends that can give you the chance to get more from scrapping.

– Time: With the weekend here, many yards are closed completely or for a good portion of the weekend. This will allow you to the chance to stay home and focus on you scrap you have waiting. You can take the extra time to break down your materials like computers, AC units, and more. You can really benefit from the chance to separate and get your scrap organized for your next run to the yard.

– Clean Ups: Over the weekends, often times, people are cleaning out their basements, garages, and sheds. You can use this as a chance to drive around your neighborhood and offer your pick up or hauling services for scrap metal or other junk. It will give you the ability to also pass out your contact information for future clean ups.

– Garage Sales: Especially during the summer months, you will be able to find many garage sales are going on over the weekend. A few options are available for you. You can go to the sales to buy cheap scrap items that you can make a profit on. You can also offer to take away an unsold items that you can scrap.

– Garbage Days: Usually after a weekend, many towns have garbage collection day on Monday or Tuesday, so often times you will be able to find larger items or aluminum cans from the weekend’s festivities. Be sure to take a ride around your neighborhood late Sunday or early Monday.

Use the weekend as a chance to catch up on your sleep, but don’t sleep the whole weekend away when you can use the time to collect more scrap and separate what you have for your next trip to the scrap yard.

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