Benefits of Scrapping on the Weekend

Are you a weekend warrior? If you are a scrapper, you should be! Scrapping on the weekends may seem like a bad idea because some yards may be closed, but it is an excellent time to focus on making more money.

Scrapping Weekend Warrior

Below are some essential things you can do on the weekends to get more from scrapping.

  • Clean-ups: Over the weekends, people often clean their basements, garages, and sheds. You can use this to drive around your neighborhood and offer pick-up or hauling services for scrap metal or other junk. It will also allow you to pass out your contact information for future clean-up jobs.
  • Time: With the weekend here, many yards are closed completely or for most of the weekend. This will allow you to stay home and focus on your collected scrap. You can take the extra time to break down your materials like computers, AC units, etc. You can benefit from the chance to separate and organize your scrap for your next run to the yard.
  • Garage Sales: During the summer, many garage sales occur over the weekend. You have a few options. You can go to the sales to buy cheap scrap items and profit from them. You can also offer to remove any unsold items you can scrap.
  • Garbage Days: Usually, after a weekend, many towns have garbage collection days on Monday or Tuesday, so often, you can find more oversized items or aluminum cans from the weekend’s festivities. Be sure to ride around your neighborhood late Sunday or early Monday.

Weekend Scrapping Has Other Perks…

While the above list mentions some ways you can find scrap around your home or neighborhood, there are many more benefits to choosing to scrap on your weekend. For example:

  1. Yards Are Less Crowded: Fewer people visit scrap yards on weekends than on weekdays, meaning shorter wait times and quicker turnarounds. This can be advantageous if you’re trying to make multiple trips or have a busy schedule during the week.
  2. Special Pricing or Deals: Some scrap yards may offer special pricing or deals specifically for weekend scrappers to incentivize business during slower times. It could be a higher payout for a certain amount of material or a reduced fee if a certain threshold is met. Either way, you could potentially maximize your profits.
  3. Flexibility with Materials and Work: Weekend scrapping offers flexibility for those with work commitments. It allows you to pursue scrapping as a side hustle without interfering with their primary responsibilities. It also allows you to find a broader range of materials, as you can pick and choose what you want to scrap and are not tied down to one stream of income.
  4. Networking: Not your typical perk as a scrapper, but weekends can be great for getting to know the staff at your local yard, posting flyers for scrap removal in your area, or even talking to other scrappers about their process. Building these types of grassroots relationships goes a long way toward getting better deals at yards, finding more scrap jobs, and learning more efficient ways to sort your materials.

Using Your Weekend To Scrap

Use the weekend as a chance to catch up on your sleep, but don’t sleep the whole weekend away when you can use the time to collect more scrap and separate what you have for your next trip to the scrap yard.