Scrapping on a Rainy Day

While most days are free of rain and it is easy to scrap, there are those soaking wet days when you would rather be a duck than a scrapper.

What is a scrapper to do on a rainy day? We have some ideas that may help you pass your time and make some more money too.

Scrapping On A Rainy Day – Prepare, Separate and Gain Knowledge

Prepare Your Load – Rainy days are a perfect opportunity to work from inside your garage, shed, or work space and get your scrap ready for the next nice day. Take this time to separate your materials correctly so you can get the most from your scrap. Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Cut the solder, brass fittings, or any paint off of your copper tubing to receive a higher price at the scale by having cleaner copper.
  • Take the Brass fittings that you collect and separate them from the copper pile to prevent it lowering the price of your copper scrap.
  • Strip any wire that you may have. You can use a razor blade, but if you have a large quantity we suggest buying a personal wire stripper. You can check out companies like TNT Tooling and Strip Tec for products.
  • Cut any excess scrap steel off of your aluminum fin, gutters and other materials. Keep the scrap steel separate to get the most from your other scrap.
  • If you have any computers or other appliances that may be able to be taken apart for more value, the rainy days may be a good time to do that
For help with most of these separation and scrapping tasks check our YouTube channel for helpful videos.

Research Scrap – Rainy days may be another great time to do some homework and find some new places to take your scrap, check the latest prices, see some of the latest trends and tips within the industry.

  • iScrap Metal Forum – You can register for FREE to use the iScrap App Forum and join the latest discussions in scrap. Post comments, questions, tips, pictures and more in the iScrap Metal Forum and start connecting with more scrappers throughout the country.
  • iScrap App Listings – Rainy days would be a perfect time to check out the iScrap App listings in your area and see if there are any new scrap yard listings in your area. Give them a call or check to see what materials they take. Who knows you may find a new place to scrap!
  • iScrap YouTube – Check out the iScrap App YouTube for helpful weekly videos on separating material, taking apart scrap and much more.
  • Find Best Prices – Rainy days may also be a good time to give a few scrap yards in your area a call and see what kind of prices they are paying. You can take time to write down their information and see what scrap yards are paying for the best prices.

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Just because it may be raining doesn’t mean it has to be a washout scrapping day. Take time to get your materials ready and do some scrap research to get yourself the best scrap deals possible.

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