Scrapping Mini-Transformers

You don’t have to be an experiences scrapper to know where to find some mini-transformers you can scrap at your local scrap yard. Mini-transformers can be some good cash and the weight of them can add up quickly if you have enough. Got a box of wires in your house and don’t know what to do with them? You may have a small pile of cash sitting there.

Have you ever seen one of those big bulky power chargers?

You can find them at the end of wires for computers, video game consoles, camera chargers, cell phones, remote control cars battery chargers and many more electronics.

Think about the ones that charged your old electronics with the long, thin cord on one end and the bulky charger on the other. They can weigh a good amount anywhere from 1/2 a pound to a couple pounds. So collecting a lot of them can really add up.

These chargers can be taken apart and scrapped like a mini-transformer. Collect a pile of these and your local scrap yard will pay you cash for them. They will usually be priced at a lower electric motor price. They will often be classified as a copper bearing motor at your scrap yard. Be sure to find a scrap yard with the iScrap App to see if they accept them.

Be sure to check with you scrap yards if they buy these separate from the copper wires you have. By cutting these from your wires, you will be able to scrap your wires as a clean Insulated Copper Wire price. It can also allow you to strip your copper wire if you have a large quantity.

Other household items worth to scrap:

  • Have any extra keys or brass fittings laying around? You can bring those in to get scrapped too.
  • What about those power tools? If you have broken power tools like chainsaw, lawn motor, etc. you can take them apart for the electric motors inside.
  • Dented pots and pans? They can be made out of stainless steel, Cast Iron and more.

There are plenty of metals and items that are laying around your house that you can check to see if you need any more. If you have a large quantity of materials that are in storage it could be useful for you to recycle these with your yard. There are a few things you could probably find in your garage that you can scrap as well.

Have more ideas of what you can scrap laying around the house? Post them below.

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