Scrapping. It Ain’t Easy.

We watch interactions through our YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Facebook groups and just emails coming through our inbox…and all people say one thing. They love to scrap. So when we talk to them and we get past the initial thoughts of loving scrap we want to dig deeper into problems that people have when scrapping and learning to scrap.

The Lessons & Learning

“If it were easy everyone would be doing it.” We have all heard that so so so many times, but it is so tough to learn how to make extra money while scrapping without getting tips…that’s where iScrap and the scrapping community come into play. With the videos through YouTube or the Facebook Groups, it is really awesome to see how people share pictures, stories, and more importantly…experiences.

Using the people that have had those experiences is an awesome tool and one that you cannot find or buy. People helping each other online through the iScrap channels has been one thing that we have been very proud to see so many people connecting with each other organically and teaching the good and the bad about scrapping.

Here is a post with a simple question that a new scrapper had on the group:

What we saw with one post within 47 minutes of it being posted was 7 answers from different people on what they thought is and is not worth money. This may sound silly, but most scrappers don’t have many friends that are scrappers as well (nor do they tell them to do it because of fear of losing out on scrap on their own!), and it is hard to find a community to go to.

Choosing The Scrap Yard

It seems like everyone has a go-to scrap yard that they sell to, but some people will shop around or sell different materials to different scrap yards. Not all scrap yards specialize in all metals, and because of that, you have to look around sometimes to make sure you are getting a fair payout. 

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One of things that we have heard so many mixed messages about is how the scrap yard treats their customers and how they teach them. Some scrap yard scale managers and workers will show customers how to sort and process material so they make more money…while others will not do anything to help the customers other than buying material. 

So knowing the people at the scrap yard is very important because you may or may not be able to help yourself by learning lessons and taking in the knowledge that you couldn’t do on your own otherwise. Some scale managers or scrap yard owners want to be able to do teach you and THAT is an awesome thing for both you and for them…think about it, you make more money and they get more material that is sorted and separated so their employees do less work. WIN WIN!

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Where Do You Learn?

We have so many online videos and blogs that we always forget to ask others where they learn about scrap. Maybe your work? Parents? Friends? Dumb luck?

Let us know where you learn about scrap and how you keep growing. We have seen people follow other scrappers on Instagram and accounts like that, and have also seen heavy involvement with people talking about private messaging through Facebook.

The internet makes it so that there are so many places to go to for scrap knowledge and learning that you have more opportunities to learn how to cash in than ever before

Tell us where you learn to scrap!

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