Scrapping in the Cold Weather: What You Need

Most areas in the US and Canada begin to grip for winter and colder months once September comes around every year. While scrapping during the colder months, especially for those areas that are under freezing temperatures most of the winter, it’s important to think warm. There are some important steps and tips to use while getting prepared for winter months to scrap. Making sure your car is being taken care of properly is important otherwise you may not be able to scrap if it breaks down. Also making sure to dress properly with the right cloths during the winter is important to keep you moving.

Tips For Your Car In The Winter Months

One of the most important pieces of equipment for scrappers is their vehicle. Below we have some great suggestions and reminders to keep in mind.

Warm Your Truck Up:

Warming up your truck or car before you go on a scrap run, especially in the cold morning is important. Not only will you have a nice warm truck to get in before driving, but you can also prevent damage like cracked engines and other parts if you try to haul on a cold engine.

Check Your Tires:

During the cold months, you could come across ice and snow when driving, having the right tires and tire pressure is important for safety. Besides your brakes, your tires are the biggest safety feature on your vehicle and having winter tires are a good idea.

Buy Tire Chains Too!

Have A Full Tank of Gas:

During the summer it is easy to get away with less than a half tank of gasoline in your vehicle, but not during the winter. Always try to have your gas tank filled so, it will prevent condensation from building up from the colder weather, which could lead to engines problems.

Have The Right Equipment:

Having some equipment in your vehicle during the winter is important, so you don’t slow down when scrapping. Having appropriate chains, a winch, shovel, de-icer windshield washer fluid, and ice scraper, are important when you may find yourself stuck or slipping in bad weather conditions.

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Wear the Right Clothes For Scrapping

Now that you have your vehicle ready for the cold weather, now it is time to get yourself ready for the cold weather so your body doesn’t slow down when you’re on the go. From your head to your toes, making sure to be dressed properly will ensure you don’t get sick and slow down.


Having a warm hat on it important. Did you know: 80% of your body heat leaves your head? If you are required to have a hard hat on (recommended) when scrapping, you can find thinner liners that you can wear underneath to stay warm.


Having layers is important, especially on your torso. Your core is where your heat is produced, so if it begins to get cold, the rest of your body will too. Long Johns or layer like Under Armour is good to invest in.


It is important to wear gloves when scrapping anyway for your safety, but having warm ones during the cold weather is important. You can buy glove liners to add some extra warmth to your winter work gloves.

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Again having layers here is important to make sure your legs are always warm when you are lifting, loading, and hauling materials throughout the day.


Having warm boots is as important as having steel-toed boots. Make sure you have good traction on them too for the slippery conditions. Also having warm longer socks will help keep you moving.

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We suggest having a cold-weather checklist together to make sure you can buy and collect all of the tools and equipment you need this winter before it is all sold out during the winter months. If you have any additional tips to add, feel free to email us at [email protected]. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more tips and a special winter month contest coming up!