Scrapping Hard Drives

1408021061.680170.IMG_1243Many scrappers come across hard drives when scrapping desktop computer towers or laptops. There are some easy ways to make an extra buck on the hard drives that you are collecting. Below we have a guide on scrapping hard drives and the other components from your computers:

  • Hard Drives Units – If you are pulling the hard drives out of the computers you are scrapping, you can bring them into the scrap yard as a whole unit. They will weigh around a pound, so if you have quite a few they can add quickly. The price for hard drives vary from place to place, but you should be looking at a few dollars per pound for them.
  • Hard Drive Boards – If you want to take time to make some extra money you can pull the circuit boards off of the hard drives and make some extra money. The boards are high quality and will be a high-grade board price at your scrap yard. Be sure to let the scrap yard know that they are hard drive boards in case they pay a slightly different price for them.
  • Punching Hard Drives – No we don’t mean taking your anger out on them, but rather securely punching the hard drive discs to prevent any information from being taken from it. The hard drive is the storage unit for all computer and has the files and make up of a computer. Ask your yard if they have the option for certified destruction.

There are a few ways you can prepare and deliver your hard drives to a yard for scrap. But be sure to keep in mind, many yard do not accept e-scrap due to different regulations and lack of material. So be sure to use the iScrap App for yards in your area that accept e-scrap and you can contact them for their scrap prices for hard drives.

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