Scrapping Christmas Lights

Christmas-LightsHey Scrappers!

Hope you had plenty of turkey during the holiday season and you are gearing up for a busy winter season ahead. One of the more popular things that you will see more then normal for December and January will be Christmas lights. Many people ask us if Christmas lights can just go into their normal wire pile and that answer is always no.

Even if you cut the bulbs off of the Christmas lights (which we highly recommend doing,) the wire itself is a lower value then many other insulated wires. Ask your local scrap yard if they want to have those wires separated from other ones or if they do not mind having them put all together.

Happy Scrapping!


When you are scrapping Christmas Lights you should also keep a look out for some other metals that you can potentially cash in at your local scrap yard. Some things can show up during the holiday season for scrapping is older TV’s and computers that may be getting replaced with newer versions as gifts.

When you collect TV’s and computer this holiday season, be aware of what your local yard accepts and doesn’t accept. Some yard may not accept any form of a monitor or screen, so you may have to take apart the components for copper, e-scrap, and wire.

copper yokeInside of the TV’s you can find a copper yoke that most scrap yards will accept, you can take the wire off of them and sell it as a #2 copper wire price usually. Many will think it is a bare bright wire, but there is a shellac on the outside that will prevent it from being a clean copper. You can also grab some other various wires and perhaps a low-grade board or two.

Inside of any computers you may find, you can find Motherboards, RAM boards, CPU chips, harddrives, and more copper wire inside. See the full description of what you can find inside of a computer tower.

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