Scrapping Aluminum Baseball Bats for Cash

Recycling Aluminum Baseball Bats

Aluminum baseball bats are a great item to look out for when scrapping, but like other sports equipment, there are a few things to look out for. Heavy rubber or plastic on or near the handle on a baseball bat should always be removed to get the best price for your old bats.

Cut Them Open and see What’s Inside

Inside the bats, you can sometimes find foam (almost looks like the foam you would see inside a buoy in the water). When you have these bats, we recommend cutting them open with a Sawzall so you can see if they are empty, and if they do have foam, you should remove the foam to get a cleaner aluminum price.

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Remove Any Plastic You Can

Some bats will have plastic handles on them or even plastic tops, which should always be cut off. Having any type of contaminants on the bats (whether they are softball or baseball bats does not matter) will lower the price of your hard-earned scrap profits, so make sure you always clean them.

Recycling Aluminum Baseball Bats & More

As we say with other scrap metals like stainless steel and aluminum siding or doors, try to remove as many contaminants as possible for the bats you want to recycle. Scrap yards will be able to give you a cleaner price for the material. This can be particularly useful for those that have a higher quantity. Also, remember there are plenty of other ways you can recycle sports equipment for scrap metal, and many other sports have other metals to scrap. So be sure to check them out and contact your local town to see if there is any older equipment they are no longer using.

Be sure to search for a local scrap yard where you can recycle your baseball bats and ask them for their current aluminum scrap prices.