Difference Between Scrap Metal & Garbage Pickups

scrap metal vs. garbage pickups

Homeowners and some companies don’t know the difference between scrap metal pickups and garbage or junk removal. So, to help the general population and bring light to the benefits of scrap metal recycling, we’ve discussed the differences and details of the two services.

Scrap Metal vs. Garbage? Who ya gonna call? Scrapper or Junker?

If you are cleaning out a garage or an old warehouse, you will usually come across scrap metal and garbage that has to be removed. However, figuring out the right junk company, scrapper, or garbage removal business can be confusing. Some people think that if they have one TV, they should call it a scraper. Others believe they should contact a garbage removal service for a bed frame they have replaced. We are here to clear the air and fill in the blanks of the big deal to a scrapper and a junker.

Scrap Metal Pickups Defined

Usually, the companies or people advertising scrap metal pickups seek specific materials. Scrap metal recycling is essential to these people, as it helps them make money by recycling metals and other components in their local scrap yard or salvage yard. So when you have items made of mostly metal, like file cabinets, outdoor furniture, computers, electronics, air conditioners, and household appliances, these are the items that scrap metal pickups should consist of.

scrap metal pickups

Remember that scrap metal pickups are usually for the scrap yard, so the more weight, the better. When asking for scrap metal pickups, have a picture you can send or a rough estimate of how much material (in weight) you have to be picked up. The scrappers who will be picking up your metals will want an idea of what size vehicle, truck, or trailer they should bring with them to load the material.

The key to scrap metal pickups is that those picking up want the most metal materials possible. The more metal, the more money they can make at the scrap yard. Scrappers will usually not charge to haul away your materials if you have mostly metal. However, you may ask them for a small fee for your material since they will profit from it. If you have a little bit of metal but a lot of other materials like wood, plastic, or paper, a scrap metal pickup company is not the right one to call. It would be best to contact someone who can pick up garbage instead.

Garbage and Junk Pickup Services

Junk haulers and garbage companies will remove scrap metal for you if you have it, but they are looking to get a bulk of garbage and junk moved and either recycled, reused, or thrown away for you. These companies are commonly called when you want to move, clean out your house, or have construction work down to your home. The garbage haulers will look for clothing, carpets, construction debris, couches, mattresses, and other bulk items that can be put in a regular garbage can.

junk hauling

The junk haulers and garbage guys usually charge you a fee to remove the material from your home. They typically have to pay to throw it out at the dump or wherever they bring it. So don’t be surprised if they hand you a bill at the end of the services. Usually, they will also ask for a rough estimate of how much garbage you want to remove so they know what to charge you for. Occasionally these junk hauling companies will make some money from items they pick up if they are antiques or can be repurposed or sold elsewhere.

Maybe Call a Scrap Truck?

Sometimes, garbage haulers also offer scrap metal pickups. Because they travel regularly anyway, the more types of materials and services they offer, the more money they can make. So, if you want to clean a basement, you may ask the company if they provide services for both. Or you can take the initiative and scrap the metal to make extra cash!