Scrap Metal Safety Tips

scrap metal safety

Scrappers have some of the most interesting jobs throughout their workweeks. One day they could be trash picking or dumpster diving, and the next day they could be demolishing an old home. Life is unpredictable when you are a scrapper, and that’s why we love it.

Scrap Metal Safety Tips: Scrap Smart & Safe

Although many scrappers have most of the basic safety materials with them, there is some other equipment that can be used to prevent injury while scrapping.

The Basics For Scrap Safety

Gloves, eye protection, and helmet. These are the most common items that scrappers use while on the job. Gloves are probably one of the most important items to have when handling scrap because of all the sharp edges and the possibility of cutting yourself. Always have eye protection handy for any debris that may kick up while taking apart your scrap. And helmets are always good to have to prevent any falling debris from hitting your noggin.

What To Wear When Scrapping

Long sleeves and pants. It is always good to cover your legs, especially while scrapping, to prevent cuts and abrasions on your legs, and if you can handle wearing long sleeves during the hot temperatures, we suggest doing that to protect your arms.

Get Things Tied Down Safely

Rope, chains, and bungees. Scrappers should always have something that they can use to tie down their material with. Not only will you secure your scrap from slipping away while you drive to your next spot, but you will also prevent dangerous situations for the cars behind you if your material falls off. Be sure to have everything secure while loading your truck, and you won’t have a headache later on.

scrapping truck

Use The Right Equipment When Needed

Harnesses, ladders, and spotters. While some may not go to extremes, some scrappers have to climb roofs or other higher places to take their scrap down. Be sure to have the proper harness on in case you slip and have the proper ladder set up to make it up and down safely. If you can, we suggest having another scrapper or friend with you to hold you or the ladder steady while scrapping at new heights.

Accessories Needed When Scrapping

Cell phone and first aid kit. It is always smart to have your cell phone with you if you get seriously injured, need help, use a larger truck, or take pictures of your latest load. You can always use your cell phone to use the iScrap App while on the go to find a scrap yard near you or send your latest scrapping pictures/videos to [email protected]. A first aid kit can also help keep you scrapping if you need to bandage up a cut or take some Advil for your back.

Scrap Yard Safety

While some of these tips may seem relevant for scrappers and those visiting scrap yards, several tips apply to scrap yards and their workers. The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) also has plenty of resources and information available for yards to see the requirements needed for safety at their yards.

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