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scrapping tips

We receive many great scrap metal tips from our fans and users through the iScrap Metal Forum, Facebook, Scrapper Tip Emails, YouTube, and other online sites. The best way to learn to do something is to learn from those that do it. So from scrappers themselves here are some of the latest tips we have received.

The More Your Learn, The More Your Earn

Calendar Dates – It is a good idea to scrap during the beginning and end of the month. This is the time when many people move out due to ending leases or selling/buying new homes. Many people have more in their home than they need so often times there will be a large amount of “junk” on the sidewalks and curbs. Keep a lookout for good items like chairs, electronics, bed frames, and more.

tips on scrappingHO, HO, Holidays – During the Holiday season it is especially important to keep a look out for scrap on the road. Many people will be receiving the “latest” technology and that only means they will be getting rid of the old stuff. Keep a look out for TV’s, computers, radios, DVD players, and more. Also after the holidays many people will be taking down holiday lights and some may break in the process. They can be scrapped as a low grade insulated wire, so check with your local scrap yard for their prices.

Scrap Your Brass – Power strips can be worth a good deal of money, not only does it mean they have insulated wire with it but the inside can be worth it to scrap. Taking apart a power strip you will be able to find some brass, as well as the ends of the plugs which are also brass. Older train tracks (model trains), can be brass or Nickel often times. While older train tracks may sound nice to scrap, be sure to check with a collector, they can be worth more than the scrap if sold to the right person. Also if you are cleaning out your drawers and come across keys, be sure to throw them in your brass pile as well.

scrapping tips

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