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If you are looking to get some more information from resources in the scrap metal industry, we have the best places for you to get information, no matter what you’re looking for. From regulations, to laws, to news, to scrap yard listings, to scrap equipment, we have it all.

Whether you are a scrapper, a scrap yard owner, salvage yard owner, recycler, or someone just curious about the scrap metal industry it can be difficult to find information all in one place and sources can be difficult to identify as being reliable. We put together a list of some of the most reliable sources that you can use while you are gathering information about the scrap metal industry.

The Online Scrapping Encyclopedia – Scrap Laws can help scrap yards and scrappers get the latest law changing information for your particular state. The scrap laws website is a great, reliable resource. Their team is regularly checking any legal changes that US states may have. This can be very useful especially if you are traveling across borders for a particular job. The laws on the site can help you get the right paperwork or regulations before selling you scrap there.

iScrap App – The iScrap App is an online directory for users on mobile phones, desktops, iPhones, or Androids, to search for and locate scrap yards and auto wreckers in the US and Canada. The iScrap App preferred yards have the ability to post daily scrap metal prices on their listings and also receive container and auto part requests. Created by a scrap owner himself, the iScrap App is an active brand across all social media channels, providing how-to tips and videos to thousands of scrappers to make more money.

StripTec – If you are looking for an affordable and reliable copper cable or wire stripper to make more money with, look no further than StripTec. They provide quality strippers that can be purchased for scrap yards, scrappers, and anyone in between. For scrappers, they provide small convenient strippers like the Model K & Model A for all copper stripping needs. If scrap yards or larger processors are looking to use a high powered stripper, they can invest in a Model 5000 for the tougher jobs.

Recycling TodayRecycling Today – If you’re looking for the most recent news in scrap metal and the scrap industry, Recycling Today is a great resource. While they cover all other scrap materials such as plastics and paper, Recycling Today’s staff is very well versed in the current issues and events in the scrap metal industry. With editorials on companies in the industry, you can catch up on the latest with scrap recycling.

Waste DiveWaste Dive – If you are looking to get in touch with the latest news that also relates to waste, garbage and scrap metal, Waste Dive is a great fit. It is a unique site that allows visitors to see the short summaries from various news sources all in one place on Waste Dive’s Dashboard. They also provide their audience with helpful summarized daily emails with the latest headlines that keep you up to date with the most recent news in the waste industry.

Go Green America TVGo Green America TV – One of iScrap App’s Online partners, Go Green American TV is host to a wide-variety of green tips and information. With dozens of topics covered, Go Green America TV is a great source to find helpful information about how to be a better greenie in different parts of your life. From construction to green energy to going green with scrap. You can find a great variety of information here.

ISRIISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries) – ISRI is a membership based governing body of scrap recycling for materials like non-ferrous/ferrous metals, plastics, paper, rubber, electronics, glass, and textiles across the globe. Their members are processors, brokers, manufacturers, industrial consumers, equipment, and service companies. If you are looking for helpful industry statistics and facts, ISRI is a great place to find those types of scrap metal facts. You can also rely on their safety standards through ISRI Safety and their Scrap Theft Alert helps scrap yards and law enforcement to reduce theft of scrap metal. Also providing the iScrap App site with the most current laws and regulations in the scrap industry.

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