Scrap Metal Industry App

The iScrap App is a great tool for contractors, plumbers, electricians, construction workers, and many others to use while on the go. You will be able to find scrap yards and auto wreckers throughout the US and Canada.

With thousands of companies listed throughout North America, users are able to search for local salvage yards and get important information in minutes. Besides the basic contact information, users can also get the most current scrap metal prices, request a scrap metal container, send pictures of materials for a price quote, request auto parts, and car pickups.

The iScrap App is a great tool for everyone. Whether you have 10 pounds of aluminum or 1000 pounds of copper wire, you can locate the best scrap yard in your area and browse the different prices and options. download it for the iPhone or Android today. You can also use the online version on your desktop or your mobile phone with our mobile website.

Download the iScrap App today!

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