Scrap Metal Girls Are In Pink

scrap metal girls in GermanyThis scrap metal company has the right idea. They are made up of a group of ladies who wear pink overalls and drive a pink truck when picking up scrap metal from clients in Germany. Besides naturally have a great marketing opportunity, their business is booming and they are continuing to gather clientele.

They don’t have to worry about getting help for larger, heavy loads. They have a lifting arm on their truck that can lift 7.5 tons of material at a time. So any machinery or heavy items they come across, they can handle it themselves.

When they first started out they only had 2 brunettes and realized it would be a good idea to add a blonde to the team.scrap metal girls

They have been increasing business on a regular basis not just because of the obvious stereotype, but also they make sure to treat their customers well and do the job right. They are planning on creating Glamour calendar next year and plan on trademarking their pink overalls, pink nail, and pink truck, along with their company title, Die Schottladys.

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