Scrap Metal Culture Change

848657_0aa3ccfbHappy Summer to All!

With the internet here, smartphones in peoples pockets, and knowledge all about, it has started to become time for a culture change.

For years my family has been involved in the scrap metal business and for years we have battled the same question that you all have…people calling or stopping by for price quotes.

This is the nature of the industry, and we know that there are many yards that might pay a penny or two more a pound to take someone’s business…hell, we have been that yard in the past.

Many have criticized my yard ( and my idea for the iScrap App because our goal is to list prices and give our customers (the peddlers) more information.

I think that those people are still leafing through phonebooks and are not on sites like this one, reading progressive articles. 

The industry is in the middle of a change, people are consolidating yards into larger companies, buying up others, and being more aggressive than ever. 

The culture change is the digital side of things…and you have to take your companies and move them forward to cope with them. 

  • Updating Your Websites
  • Update Prices Online
  • Online Promotions
  • Free Products (shirts, pens) for Customers.
  • Active in Social Media

Many companies have taken these things to heart and have become iScrap App members, active social media advocates, and continue to grow their companies outside of purchasing new physical equipment.

Like I said, it is time for a culture change…those who can see the forest through the trees are already a few steps ahead of you.

Scrap ya later,

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