Scrap Metal Crossword Puzzle

To celebrate National Crossword Puzzle Day, we wanted to create our own puzzle for all those scrap metal enthusiasts to enjoy! Brought to you by your friends at the iScrap App, we wanted to stump you and have some fun with some of our favorite scrapping items and materials. You’re going to really need to use your brain for this one! Good luck!

This is a great game to play with your best scrapping buddies, your scrap yard team, or anyone that you share your love for scrap with. Gather around for your lunch break and see who can solve the puzzle the fastest! Share your best times with us on our Facebook Page!

Click the link below to print or download the crossword puzzle! Once you’re finished or stumped, click the link at the bottom with the answers!


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Some Example Clues:

  • “also known as ‘white goods'”
  • “the one with the honeycomb inside”
  • “the number after the tare is deducted from the gross weight”
  • “be careful when explaining this tool to your wife”

Other Fun Scrap Metal Things: