Scrap Metal 101: Starting to Recycle Your Scrap Metal

So you want to start scrapping? You don’t know where to start and it seems overwhelming. That’s where the iScrap App Team jumps in and gives you the rundown of the basics you need to know before you start recycling your scrap metal. Below we have some of the first things to start scrapping and how to cash in.

What You Need:
– Magnet & Tools: Just like a contractor, plumber, or electrician, tools of the trade are the most important things to have to get the job done. With scrapping having your magnet handy is important to identify what kinds of metals you have and what they will be worth. Check out our list of scrap tools to get started with scrapping. See below for more information about using your magnet while scrapping.

– Gloves, Equipment, & More: Similar to the necessary tools you may need to scrap, there are certain items and equipment you will always want on hand for safety measures. Gloves are especially useful when picking up and loading your scrap materials in your vehicle or dropping them off at a facility. Other safety items like glasses and hard hats are also useful when dissembling materials.
– Vehicle or Truck: You can’t get very far with your scrapping if you don’t have a reliable way to transport it to the yard. Having a truck or car that can be used to transport material to your yard is a necessity when scrapping. You want to be able to take care of your vehicle so you can continue scrapping, so be sure to check out our safety tips we have when loading your truck.

 – iScrap App: The iScrap App is a great tool to use when you are scrapping. You need to be able to find a scrap yard in the area with the correct contact information, prices, and more. With the iScrap App available for the desktop, mobile browser, iPhone, and Android, you will be able to find the information anywhere.
 – Driver’s License or State ID: If you are driving your vehicle to the yard, we hope that you have a driver’s license on you anyway. Or if someone else is driving you and your scrap, be sure to have a state-issued ID on hand. Scrap yards require identification when scrapping your metals. See your local scrap laws for more information.

Where To Find Scrap:
 – Craigslist/Classified Ads: You will be able to find ads asking for people to put up scrap metal like, old furniture, computers, and more. Be sure to check some of the options out and start calling around to see if people need help.
– Your House: If you have a garage, shed, storage, or somewhere else that may be collecting junk, take a look for scrap metals. Having items around your house that you may not use anymore can be a great way to clean up and also earn some money while doing it.

 – A Friend’s House: You can also ask you friends and family if they have any scrap that you can recycle for them. This will allow you to get comfortable and familiar with scrapping. Also it will be a good connection you know you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble with.
 – Curbside: Check your neighborhoods for people placing scrap metal items out for garbage. Items like AC units, TV’s, and more can be a good place to start scrapping. We have a list of items to look out for in every season: Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter

What To Do:
 – Separate: When collecting your scrap metals, be sure to separate the metals you have to the best of your knowledge. By using your magnet you will be able to tell non-ferrous metals from ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metals are things like, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and wire, with these materials the magnet will NOT stick to them. Ferrous materials are metals like steel and iron the magnet WILL stick to these metals. If you have trouble identifying the metals you have you can always check the scrap metal list on the iScrap App to see pictures and descriptions of metals.
 – Call Ahead: If you have never been to a scrap yard, it is always a good idea to call ahead to find out any special instructions or procedures you may need to follow at their facility. If they are listed on the iScrap App you should be able to find their basic information like phone numbers, email, location, hours, directions, prices, and more in their profile. If they do not list their prices online you can always ask when you give them a call.
 – Scrap It: Now that you have the information and location, bring your scrap metal in to the scrap yard. From there you will be instructed to weigh up your materials and cash out with the local yard.

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