Resell Your Old Computer Parts Instead of Scrapping

Computer tower

You can find Computer Towers all over the place. In libraries, your own house, or maybe even the office. But computer towers can be so much more than just scrap sometimes. Many computer towers can be repurposed and resold for more than scrap value if you know how to put new hard drives in and update some software….but let’s dive into the actual computer case itself.

The computer towers are generally steel or aluminum…but you need to have your magnet handy to see what is what. Many custom computer cases are made of aluminum, and oftentimes, you can resell them on eBay or Craigslist for 4-10 times what the scrap value may be. The resale value on computer cases is really crazy if you can find the right ones. If you have computer cases from normal everyday computers from the big box brands, you won’t be able to find a really good home for those.

Other items inside computer towers, like memory chips, are also very desirable on the resale market; oftentimes, you can make 5-20 times the money by reselling the memory as long as it is still working and relatively new.

Hope this helps fill your wallet with a couple of extra bucks,

Scrap ya later!