Report Your Scrap Prices: Make Your Mark On The Chart


Have you ever searched online for current scrap prices only to be disappointed with the lack of information or outdated prices listed on a website? Now you can be a part of the change. The iScrap App allows our users online to report current scrap prices in the US & Canada. It’s really easy to post your current local scrap prices on our directory and now we are rewarding you for doing so!



Reporting Scrap Prices Is A Great Resource

If you are looking for information on when to sell your scrap copper when prices jump or looking to hoard your steel when prices drop, the iScrap App Reported Prices feature can help you significantly. It allows you to see the current status of local scrap prices when others or yourself are reporting them for your local yards. To report your prices follow just a few steps:

  1. Find Your Scrap Yard Online (Can’t find your yard? Tell Us!)
  2. Once you have found your yard, click on “Report Prices” for that yard
  3. Log into your social media account of your choosing
  4. Choose the material(s) you have sold recently for scrap at that local (or one you asked for a price quote for)
  5. Enter the price and unit of weight for that price
  6. Click “OK” and you have successfully report your scrap price


Report Your Scrap Price: Make Your Mark On The Chart

Ferrous Prices Per Ton in 2016

Once you have reported your scrap prices for your yard, you will be part of the greatest online resource for current scrap metal prices. The iScrap App posts weekly updates for current scrap market news and changes. These reported prices will help us display current prices and changes in major metal categories like copper, steel, aluminum, wire, brass, and more. When you report your scrap prices you are helping keep track of the current market conditions and helping yourself and others get the best prices for your material. You can be a part of the chart by making your mark after you report your scrap prices.

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